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Shane Dawson : Never break up with taylor lyrics

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Shane Dawson lyrics : "Never break up with taylor"

Taylor, I think we need to talk
Maybe you and I should take a break

Theres no one else I just need some space
!#@* YOU, I will make you pay

I'm gonna add you to my %#@! list
What list

I'll write a song about your baby d!ck
It's average
I'll cry and then I'll tweet a pic

Saying he cheated, then dumped me #TeamTayTay

Ohhh Ooh Oohh oohh Song about you will go number 1
And oooh oooh ooh oooh
Tween girls will sing baby d!ck, Baby d!ck

You should never ever ever break up with Taylor
You got herpies herpies herpies

Just thank John Mayor
I f^cked Jake
I f^cked Joe


You should never ever ever break up with Taylor

I see you've found
Yourself a new [email protected]^%, [email protected]^%

Good thing I brought my friend Chloroform

You will never ever ever escape my cellar

You will be tortured, tortured, tortured
And I'll have no mercy
Policemans are my biggest fans so they will never arresst me

You should never ever ever break up with Taylor

You got your @ss kicked @ss kicked @ss kicked

By a blond girl
You're such a p^ssy p^ssy p^ssy
I can't believe I f^cked you

I'm tired of these gay actor guys
It's time for some Kennedy

You should never ever ever f^ck with Taylor

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