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Shane Dawson : Harry Potters Over (Parody Of Skyscraper) lyrics

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Shane Dawson lyrics : "Harry Potters Over (Parody Of Skyscraper)"

Nerds are cryingdorks are dying fat cat ladies going insanethere all screaming what do we do while they tumblr all there painwhen will Harry $#&@ Hermioniewhen did Ron get so fuglythink about all the fun you hadgoing to the movies in your wizard hatthinking you looked cutegirl don't get me startedstop drawing lightning bolts on your headstop saying that Dumbeldawf is your friendHarry Potters overthat stupid movies overyou tweet tweet tweet why does it have to endhash tag I need some friends,friendsyou spend spend spendmoney on stupid %#@!like fake glasses and a quidditch stickall of the poop jellybeans you ateall of the times you stayed up latelooking for nude picsof Daniel RadcliffeI will take every book you haveI have some room left in my trashharry potters overso glad that %#@!s overharry potters over harry potters overharry potters over

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