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SHANA WILSON : Bethel-prophetic Impartation lyrics

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SHANA WILSON lyrics : "Bethel-prophetic Impartation"

For have not I declared
That the whole Earth shall be filled with my glory

I've spoken and said that the whole creation is groaning
Waiting for the adoption of sons
Know in this hour as I pierce the side of Adam and cause the bride to come forth

Even as I pierce the side of my Son and cause the bride to come forth
Know that in this hour I'm piercing the nations
That my church, that my house might come forth

Know that in this hour that the church shall become that which is borderless
For Bethel shall arise in this hour
The place where God is

The place where God arises
Borderlessness shall be the sign of the coming forth of My Kingdom
For certainly in places that are uncommon

And places that are not my house
Shall come the arising of the sign of the Lord
The handed manifestation of the Almighty God in this hour

For know my people that I am creeping into all of the places in the world
And the nations shall arise and flow into that which called Bethel
And they shall decree that the Lord He is God

They shall declare that the hand of the Lord stretches out throughout all of the Earth
And there shall none be able to withstand the Glory of My presence
For know that in this hour I'm piercing once again

I'm causing the oil to come forth
I'm causing the waters to flood
I'm causing the breaking of the dam in this hour

I'm causing the manifestation of My word and its power this hour
Know that I'm reforming and I'm correcting
Know that I'm realigning and re-establishing

And there shall emerge fresh leadership
There shall emerge fresh praise
There shall emerge fresh glory

For I am bringing, I'm bringing, I'm bringing the oil
And I'm bringing forth the new
For I call this a new day

I call this the day of Bethel
And Bethel shall not be a place
For the places shall be broken

And the Glory of the Lord shall come forth
Saith the spirit of the Living God

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