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SERJ TANKIAN : Weave On lyrics

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SERJ TANKIAN lyrics : "Weave On"

Weave on sisters of the night
on your luma pain tryin sitch the darkest through the light

weave on poverty and crime, the wars and waste
give us all to break from the hunger
for the prophets and the saints

snitching on the weapons strong
and the children's play and the father's pow
and on my graves with your fingers..just pray

All your sisters weave on

let the blood run through your thread
oh your sisters weave on
with your stitching purple blue and red

oh you sisters weave
let the blood run through your thread
just you stand weave on

Feed on sorry suns of sake
preaching salvation while we fall it's such amazing grace

feed on lover money lover brace
disrespect the country and the neighbors, neighbor they are hate
stitching on the brother's gone

and the lights ain't gave tot he fallen graves
with your fingers..is none just pray just pray

[2 x Chorus:]

Just you sisters weave on

let the blood run through your thread
all your sisters weave on

These are the plans
the words we're here for my arrange
you there share us pain

with..from this place and speed the lean
last the harsh just might your..so it madness
how dare you are just a cowardness

I am ready doing good
with him whatever must leave

I am ready do it dark
with him whatever my speed


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