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SEAN T.MACLEOD : Light Up The Sun lyrics

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SEAN T.MACLEOD lyrics : "Light Up The Sun"

Situation turn it round
Get your feet back on the ground
You've packed your bags and now your going

But where you going

Out on the streets out from the fold?
To break your bread with broken souls?
Caught between the world of hope and despair, don't despair.

What's all this running from

You've got to bring it on!

Light Up Light Up Light Up the Sun
That hides behind the Shadows of your mind
Light Up Light Up Light Up

Those dreams you have inside
don't ever let them die.
No don't ever let them die

Circumstances they will change
Turn to joy or turn to pain.

Don't forget life's just a game that we play.
So play it well.

What's all this screaming for?
You've got to know there's more in you and

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