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SEAN PAUL : Put'em Up lyrics

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SEAN PAUL lyrics : "Put'em Up"

[Hook]Put em in the air, rep where you stay (x4)
Put em up my ^!$$% put em up (x4)
I'm a west side ^!$$% so $#&@ what ya think

I'm a south side ^!$$% so $#&@ what ya think
I'm a north side ^!$$% so $#&@ what ya think
I'm a east side ^!$$% so $#&@ what ya think

[Baby D]Now you can catch me in a black tee iced up
In the club on a freak wit my sess up

See I don't give a $#&@
^!$$% knuck if you buck
I see through these weak ^!$$%s cuz i peak ^!$$%s

On my street ^!$$%s throwin up the east side buckin on hoes
Get out my face young ^!$$% fo i shot at your nose
I stay strapped call these fake ^!$$%s aint givin me that

Now he aint thinkin cuz i had to put a hole in his cap
Don't get it twisted by the rap homes
The way I rock homes

Stay in the streets with bricks get my grind on
I $#&@ wit real ^!$$%s out in the field ^!$$%s
2.5 on a crip befo the deal ^!$$%s

Ya think im playin wit ya betta listen what i'm sayin to ya
Ya push me ima have to put these hands to ya
I'm on as concrete the nightmare on yo street

Aint nobody in the A $#&@in wit me


[Sean Paul]Yea im back (back), drop top 'lac on deck
Crease in my slash shawty how you love dat

You know the name you hear the slang
Shawty slurrin out my mouth
Aint no thang you know we damn down in the dirty south

I'm a east side ^!$$% (*##$ i put it in yo face
All my ^!$$%s they gorillas they aint scared to get no pay
^!$$% traffin servin yay keep them heaters stowed away

Young ^!$$%s hundred dolla billas killas where i stay
All my ^!$$%s they have bud and all
Smokin drankin servin yall

Young ^!$$%s we been a case, stashin dope up in they jaw
From the po pos trappin on the back street
Killa of the night ride wit work up on the back street

Yea I'm for real hoe
Catch me switchin lane to lane
Comin down on candy mayne bumpin out of damn shame

And yous a damn lame thankin that my fo dont ride
So Paul will work them all yall to the east side

[Pastor Troy]Last but not least its the Pastor yall
Always been ready to ball

Big ol cars, gave me the words
Hit the O wit big blunts of herbs
South side ^!$$% my hood rep well

You don't like detroit ^!$$% go to hell
All I can tell, ya washed up
Try me home boy, ya $#&@ed up

My home boys, DSGB, the (??) is ridin with me
For ever damn the real rep the real
I'm puttin it up for my ^!$$% Dolla Bill


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