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SEAN PAUL : I'll Take You There lyrics

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SEAN PAUL lyrics : "I'll Take You There"



I'll Take you there... I'll take you there
I'll take you there... I'll take you there, girlfriend
I'll take you there... I'll take you there

I'll take you there... I'll take you there
My girl, I will take you there!!!

Don't fret, don't trip I got nuff space in the whip
And I'll take you there.

My friend don't shy...
You and your friends can ride
I'll take you there.

To a place, where you can be free as you wanna be girl
If you tired of the killing and blood
Spilling you only wanna be chilling

Then tell me if you willing.
Girl I'll take you there.

[Verse 1:]
Hot chocolate, top price of market.
Girl if wanna spark it you just talk it.

You are my target and you're what me want get
Bring it over here baby girl and park it.
We going start it, champagne we bought it?

We no skylark with bad mind bad hearted.
To give you the flow and make your ear drum caught it.
My girl if you want it...

I'm gonna make you fly so high, let it
Loose for me girl cause I
Wanna give it to you.

First time me see you, me eye go catch a fire for you.
Your body blazing, gal you so amazing.
And we be living we life.

Party so hearty so till a early light.
S.P. gonna rock you make you feel alright.
Let me touch your places I know you like.

[ Chorus: ]

[Verse 2:]
We no fake it... Vibe we create it
Girl just gimme the chance and don't waste it.

Me want you change all the look on your face
It a look so sad... Love and joy to replace it.
Me want you shake it, cause an

earthquake, don't make no mistake.
Gal take them to basics.
You look good from head to shoes laces.

Me have to give God praises.
I'm gonna make you mine, give it up to me,
Girl cause you look so fine.

You body shape no left me mind,
In my head you just a dwell
Cause you're so divine.

So let me tell it to you one more time,
When we go to club we no join no line.
You are top a top me love the way of your body design.

Girl you a make all me stars align.


I'll be the pilot for you plane....

I'm gonna be the driver for you train
Woman you done know.
Got nothing but high octane flowing'

Through these veins
Yes, I got the ill flow.
So just go on maintain and don't

Complain, hear what me saying.
Girl you got to let the love show.
Me a the pleasure for your pain.

Let me ease all your strain.
Jump up in the ride and let's go.
Follow me baby.
I got the vibe and you know we be keeping it live,
Back it up for me lady.

Walk and roll, take full control cause
You know you've done them lately.
Ten out of Ten when you get for the body gal you
Know say you driving me crazy.
If you wanna roll... then....

[Chorus (repeat)]
[Intro (repeat)]

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