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SEAN PAUL : All Night Long lyrics

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SEAN PAUL lyrics : "All Night Long"

[INTRO]Girl if I never tell you
We gonna spend all night long
People always come

All is long
[CHORUS]Girl it is long
Yeaaaaa you turn me on

This sexy ship pon from
If you want to sit all night girl
I am putting upper fight

And telling dis
Yeaaaaa you turn me on
This sexy ship pon from

If you want to sit all night
I am putting upper fight
[VERSUS 1]And telling from the pos time and fi gal night

Pos gain pos gain
And a role knighted friendly night
And a rocking cobain

Or pull up this warm mi on fi rock come pos gain
Remember di girl, start think
And telling other sweetest ting

We know set up mi a di king
Or me drop me at the cream
And know set pon briny thing

It's a mule child think
I need some gotten shalt think
And me telling you boat sexually lead

And baby girl

[CHORUS][VERSUS 2]And telling it my tape poor well and

Coming to the end girl
You and me mek up perinea my fi divent
Spend tea as tea time and come to pretend girl

You mek up perfect ting
Become ya for love for you my wallet
Gal ya time like a temp

You but a we will ting
Coming like mi best friends
If you know mi after left

If you more, time the wine tang
It come mi know ma again
And telling dis

[CHORUS][VERSUS 3]Because she gimme de fi free mi the lease
Up ma mind and dis
Anytime mister Poppy know da loving increase

She all pall up time and a simple mitt a screes
She after budda time make please
Become and dance a badadad come body

And an ana comfort tis
Anytime mi putting tang
And got the gimme sun cheese

She want me just stick
And ma put shopper kiss
She ain't remember now poor man like dis

And telling dis

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