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SEAL : Manic Depression lyrics

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SEAL lyrics : "Manic Depression"

Manic Depression is touching my soul.
I know what I want but I just don't know... how to go about getting it.
Feelings sweet feeling, drops from my fingers... fingers.

Manic Depression has captured my soul, yah.
Woman so willing the sweet cause in vain.. vain
You make love you break love and it all seems the same, when it's over

Music, sweet music, I wish I could caress.. all my tenderness
Now manic depressions's a frustrating mess

Oooooo Ooooooo
Oooooo Yaaaaaa
Well, I think I will turn myself off and then I'll go down, down, down

Really ain't no use in me hangin' around...eh...eh
Music, sweet music, I wish I could caress, in all my tenderness
Manic Depression is a frustrating mess

Yeah.. Hooooaa
Music, sweet music

Sweet music, sweet music
Sweet music sweet music
Sweet music

Woa yah
Well yea, yah
Oh yah

Well my woman
She's so will'n
She's the cause of my pain.. my pain

We make love, we break love, we
But, somehow it all seems to be the same
Well, I've been in love that simple before

Yah, you know
I don't ever want to do it again, yah
So now, I really got to tell you how I feel

I feel, Ohh
I feel, Ohhhh

I feel, oh
Feel, Woooaaaahhh
I feel


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