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SCRIBE : Theme From The Crusader lyrics

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SCRIBE lyrics : "Theme From The Crusader"

Yeah, 1, 2, yes yes
Uh, Scribble is back

Uh, I'm from Christchurch the place of my birth
My home this earth, represent my peeps and there worth

Phillips town Philly baby translating the zone
Kind of sore, entrepenour rocking this microphone
I get busy like Bone, keep my whole sphere in harmony

Can it be one of the worlds best from Canterbury
Straight from the under , the Scribe the eighth wonder
Make no mistake and tell us the rock, the day is over

I'm creepin on the come up from the squid and the pimp
Drivable wizardry for your whole atmostphere
Watch me do this for the love like 'Salmonella Dub'

I don't get caught up, I'm the world you know we stay above
The physical is selfish and the spiritual is us
Lyrically combust in our day it is a must

So whilel your mics rust Im'a prove my crews well'a
Im from the hometown of 'The Feelers' and we don't feel ya

[Chorus x2]
Its the Crusader, represent city to shine (check it out world wide we got beats and flows)
Its the Crusader, represent city to shine (recognize the way we drop this universal)

Its the Crusader, tight like Nathan and Aaron Mauger

Do it first, talk later
I'm running things like I'm Robbie Deans, I got a champion team
And you can hate it if you want but I'm living my dream

I'm on the road to the Holy Grail and I will never fail
I get props, I keep 'em locked like Norman Maxwell
You know I rap well thats for certain

Because I'm on point like Andrew Mehrtens
So for you fake MC's its curtains
I'm steppin up a level, for the silver I could never settle

I'm takin the gold medal
I suggest you do the same
You best improve your game or get burnt by the Canterbury Flames

The home town of Anika Moa, Crusading through this war
Best to find out who you fighting for
'Cause I'm the best and there's none greater

Both sides of the equator, I battle like a gladiator

[Chorus x2]

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