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SCREAMS OF HATE : Corrupted lyrics

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SCREAMS OF HATE lyrics : "Corrupted"

I feel my skin
Forces of the evil

Get in my body
And... orrupt... my... Veins

Rotten, blood and desperate
I'm inside the scene
No matter what I felt... Mutation

Critical moment of depression
I feel pain, and suffering

Desire, for blood and death, fortifies me, fortifies me
Ohhhh , desire for blood and death
Fortifies me, my insane want to suck the blood

Arrests me in Machiavellian plans
In Machiavellian plans

Maggots into my mind
Worms into my body (3X)
A parasite that controls

Controls my acts!

Beating heart... Corrupted mind!

Guts drain... in, blood, got, out...
Guts drain giving births

For new, embryos
Guts drain... ohhh my life!
Guts drain giving births

For new, embryos

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