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SCREAMING ROBERTS : Phantom Thoughts lyrics

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SCREAMING ROBERTS lyrics : "Phantom Thoughts"

Wrote this because I could not sleep tonight
My mind was racing and I thought you might
Get this and make some sense of it all

Shuffling in my covers, my thoughts rang loud

Soft still shadows waiting in the dark

A thought reveals itself in the form of a face
I kept on talking trying to fill up space
And remove all the silence that was hanging in the place

where we...

Night comes as darkness and ignorance that looms

Light comes as wisdom, creeping through the blinds in my room
Light comes as wisdom, creeping through the cracks- from a blue moon

Images randomly appear before my eyes
Its hard to unravel what is truth and what are lies
Its hard to focus on these things that I feel

and determine in the end what is truth,
what is real

Yes I'll admit my thoughts keep wandering
but in the end, I'm left wondering

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