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SCOTTY BOI FT. GUNPLAY & 40 CAL : Head Shot lyrics

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SCOTTY BOI FT. GUNPLAY & 40 CAL lyrics : "Head Shot"

Where you at? Put em out
rear bean, head shot,
Call bean, airo mat,

intensity, back em down.
Where you at? Put em out
rear bean, head shot,

Call bean, airo mat,
intensity, back em down.

Trip off dough block, 15 in their glock
^!$$% thank you for the.. some,
I got some for that mark,

Roof top with that ap, turn that coop to a drop,
let that (*##$ rip like ah, fight and get ^!$$% like..
my young ^!$$%s we stix, that gun ^!$$% so chips,

they just buy family or principle, they're doing it on the strips,
Making rain all your (*##$es, %#@! case be riffin it.
go ain't you want, I ain't playing,

number one they just pimping,
make a livin in the 9-11,
I'm back in heaven but it call the riven,

them aces ^!$$%s on another level,
so porter mine gotta find go get em,
got a hundred goose in every other area,

they don't fight if I'm another era,
Tough guy when you in the boof,
when the mights off, ^!$$% hella scary

reloaded fin all give me,
automatic miles burg I dig extend the with it,
keep them sticks smoking boy, no mental lean it,

when your bushes like with it, it's gonna be the night vision


I told em that it's loaded, I could barely hold it,
And I got it on me, but you could barely notice,

Now when I'm up it, you know I need them coin,
Or under dirt is where you're going,
I'm where hammer is shell Jordan,

Black out, you're familiar with that noise,
Nah, give me everything that's yours,
And I'm giving you no choice,

I'm a minute you're on force,
and my (*##$es from hundoors,
And I smoke like I know the floors,

And I still pull pistols on tours,
^!$$% f*ck em with the right one,
it ain't right if I only fight one,

not a bunch of motherf*ckers but I never light one
ALl I need is my gun and some white run.


Back pack in that mack you hear that black black and you're back

look of all this money that I step back in that trap,
I got them (*##$es all in my dick, make their gas but that..
f*ck around me and my click, that click to.. to bring to your cat,

forty that I'm that ^!$$%, Hennessy in my liver,
harder go that I tempo so I'll be on in November
mama made my my dinner, papa made me a winner,

treat the game me a temper, now I'm a crazy a ^!$$%,
if I'm blowing my medal my ^!$$%
you know when I'm gone, they say I fight with the devil,

yeah I'm just help em to hunt,
hustle broke in this .. so I'm just hoping to ..
way I'm busting this p**sy, you think I'm going for..

empty the pound?the Kennedy
?.it's been around..


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