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SCHOOLBOY Q : Prescription / Oxymoron lyrics

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SCHOOLBOY Q lyrics : "Prescription / Oxymoron"


[Verse 1:]

Prescription drugs, show me love
Percocets, Adderall
Xanny bars, get codeine involved

Stuck in this body high, can't shake it off
I'm falling off, I can't hold a thought
What's wrong with me? Now the pressure creep

I'm stressing deep, even in my sleep
My mommy call, I hit ignore
My daughter calls, I press ignore

My chin press on my chest, my knees press the floor
I'm blanking out, woke up on the couch
Dinner on my shirt, my stomach hurts

I had a bust out in the 80's but yo, the karma's worse
I cry when nothing's wrong, I'm mad when peace is involved
My senses harmed, sluggish ruggish

A couple Xannies popped, open my pill box
Prescription drugs

[Interlude: Joy]
What's wrong, daddy?! Wake up! Wake up!

[Verse 2:]
Prescription drugs, I fell in love
My little secret, she gon' kill a thug

My body numb, she like to give me hugs
I love her touch, I get a rush
When she don't come around, I start to go nuts

My heart erupts, I'm curled in pain
My phone ring, ring and ring and ring
If you ain't selling drugs, then I don't hear a thing

May 7, Ali calls, p.m. of 6: 45, I finally answer this time
He said "Come to the stu', I'm mixing all your rhymes"
I don't decline, at least that's in my mind

Grab the keys, need some wood for the trees
Dap the clerk 'fore I leave, max on my AC
Continue right, remember seeing light

Wise night, but that's my life
Prescription drugs

What's wrong you tired? You mad? OK I love you daddy



I just stopped selling crack today
I just stopped selling crack today
O-X-Y, a moron

O-X-Y, a moron

[Verse 1:]

Crazy, got my sex on wet in her Mercedes
Ladies, get these off new shoes for my baby
Oxy, I don't know no Pablo or no papi

What you know about a pill, plus a 8-ball
You gotta reel 50 times just to get a rack off
Ungh, I can get a hundred of 'em, make over 3 G's

Only took two days, only read it one time, with his son, belly shine
In the rain for about nine months out the year '97 right here
For Seattle ^!$$%, cheers

When I look up at y'all city
Like lookin' in the mirror, damn near had a career
Just might shed a tear

Ungh, yo, man this %#@! right here
For my ^!$$%s who ain't make it home, sitting on a tear
Got a dap to a ^!$$% bright in here

Feeling life ain't fair
If I was in your shoes I would've copped, don't care
Had a scene, had the medics like {clear}

Ungh, big body cold like a Polar Bear
Ungh, I done sold more %#@! than hookers
Expensive tees, resemble a push up

Stopped selling crack, cause white don't $#&@ with ^!$$%s
Vanity slave, got whips and chains
Dirty money, clean money the same
Even if I got life, I ain't saying a name


[Verse 2:]
Groovy, when I die tell Spike Lee make a movie
Oh wee, cops bringing dogs so they don't sniff my (*##$ booty

Oxy, O-X-Y, only feel like I could stop me
Quincy, now how you ^!$$% sliding up every now and then in a Bentley?
Easy, 60-40-50, you can get one for 30 if you let me hook this titty
Let a ^!$$% $#&@ then my dogs see your kitty
Just stopped selling crack today

When it get hot, smoke a pill, watch it glide like Dr.J
I prescribe you I'm your doctor kay?
You can crush this %#@!, you can sniff this %#@!
You can take this %#@!, you can smoke this %#@!
Do you like this %#@!, ^!$$%?

Your brain go numb, synthetic [email protected](%e
Without the injections, do the same love and affection
How could they say feeling good is an addiction?
But the world is full of %#@! so I don't listen
In fact "we livin' to die" is a contradiction
So trapping in a Nissan, O-X-Y, I keep 'em, O-X-Y, you need one


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