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SCHOOLBOY Q : Oxy Music lyrics

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SCHOOLBOY Q lyrics : "Oxy Music"

I got my hustle dawg
I gets my hustle off
Oxy contin [email protected](%e

I got my chopper dawg
Don't make me chop him off

Chop chop chop chop knock him off

Blood on the wall death in the air

Birds on the ground pistols everywhere
Devils in the eyes babies always cry
Papa never home $#&@ it we all alone

Tryna get rich ?????
Grab me the beaker i'll measure the white
Heat up the water drop it in pot

Baking soda and ??? make it rock
Get you a saucer the razor go chop
Get you a Glock and invest in a block

Set up ya shop dare em to ?pop?
$#&@ ?by da cop his $$# would shot ya?

Satan in your soul let it take control
Oxy cotin fiends keep the foil low

Let the pill burn inhale exhale it slow
Let yo heart explode drop ya to the floor
I gets the dough I hustle hard

???? ain't got %#@! on moi
Green beans 80s fo sure

They like what im talkin bout
You know what im talkin bout
No syringes or nothiin

Just [email protected](%es cousin smoke mufflers out

Only lords knows
And only time'll tell
Will I got to heaven

Or will I burn in hell
Music in my mind
Vibratin down my spine

Travels to my heart
Shoulda been here from the start
Now I get breath from my audio (??????????)

You know I ain't talkin a xanny bro
(^!$$% we on it be up by the mornin)
You wreck a new (*##$ wearin panties tho

(threw out my line)Fish up fo sho
(^!$$% we eatin ya) Ox to know
(put my big boy in her) nebulo

There she blows higher power controlin her hustle
Keep goin she %#@!tin on ^!$$%s excuse all our corners
Boss after boss ???? like we ballin we here for the moment

(We gettin this cash) My ??? be imported my (*##$ be imported
My grind get distorted your life get deported
Ch-ch-ch-ch-choppers deployin

Loosin my brain while recordin on

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