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SCHOOLBOY Q : Gravy lyrics

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SCHOOLBOY Q lyrics : "Gravy"

[Hook x2:]
Everything good, everything good gravy
Donk in the trunk, flat in the front, maybe

Star in the face, eyes of the waist, crazy
Everything good, everything good gravy

[Verse 1:]
Everything straight, everything playeristic
All my girls faded, all my girls panties missin'

Donk in the trunk, flat in the front maybe
Big in the hips, slim in the waist, wavy
Everything good, everything good poppin'

Hoes over there, hoes over here, options
See eyes on the kid, eyes on the kids jockin'
Cameras in the street, birds in the sky watching

Trees in the blunts, stunt when I run, Groovy
Drawers fifty dollars, never in the mall bougie
King bucket hat, this one in fact Gucci

Domo on the hill, make a hoover feel coochie
Booked for the month, came from the slum pay me
They snoring, your crowd boring, they look lazy

I'm touring, my crowd roaring, they going crazy
Everything good, everything good gravy

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]

Came for the crown, life for the town, awesome
Party over here, hoes in the back tossin'
Frames to the chain, rang through the bling, flossin'

Gat with the locs, cops even use caution
Everything good, Backwoods feel amazing
Everything straight, %#@! we all pick the chasing

Everything pop since we pop from the [email protected]&(t
Since fans in our rearview and crack in our Asics
So we living basic, uh, I'm rocking %#@!

That (*##$es say that be they favorite, uh
She got up in the room with me and stop behaving, uh
She heard the stories, now I got a West craving, uh

She want me, a run bump me, and feel comfy
I humpty to dump dumpty, her $$# donkey
Exploring the world touring, they go crazy

Everything good, everything good gravy

[Hook x2]

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