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Saving Abel : Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood) lyrics

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Saving Abel lyrics : "Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)"

When the lights hit your eyes at night
You're hypnotized
Don't be a fool for the wolves in disguise

You're not a stupid girl
The grammar in your head is playing dead
Sugar-tongue rolling off your lips whispering

You're not a stupid girl

Cause your climbing up the list

Pretty little, box office hit and miss

You always kiss before you're kissed

You always wanna leave before you're left
You're never gonna be the same
Cause you're flirting with fame in the city of angels

They're calling your name
Only in Hollywood

I'm sorry for all the clouds in your life
You always were the kind who loved the rainy nights
You're not a stupid girl

I think you only want, what you think you can't have
You lie so much
You believe your self

You're not a stupid girl

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