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SATANIC WARMASTER : Warmaster Returns lyrics

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SATANIC WARMASTER lyrics : "Warmaster Returns"

The reek of black echo from Christ's eyes
Stabbed in spite by a thousand knives
To murder not only this world

But also "god" and to crush his cenotaphs

In times of strife

A fire burns
Warmaster returns

Those who awaited in dread and revulsion
For the sombre tyrant's return
And to once again hail the cloven hoof

In forbidden spirit with the courage of kings

In times of strife

A fire burns
Warmaster returns

When the kingdoms of men fall in mayhem
The ones who live for strife will survive
There will be no equality, no exemption

The violent inversion of the inefficient earth

When the fortresses of choice have decayed

Blood convokes those with the will to fight
And those who strove to embrace the world in vein
Shall claim their distinction when burned at the pyre

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