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SATANIC WARMASTER : Blessed Be The Grim Art! lyrics

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SATANIC WARMASTER lyrics : "Blessed Be The Grim Art!"

The first depth
Before he built his six
When you, the son of the guide, son of the

Transylvanian plague,
Started to fail, beneath the Turkish rein
We hail your grim arts of travesty, the pain was real

Your arts of grim desseray
Fear and death, agony and synestithy, to anyone who
didn't obey you!

The grim arts of disastrophy has started!
Suffering for hours, under your sight,
The human race was suffering for your pure pleasure,

Spilling blood everywhere!

Stick a stake, into the victim's [email protected]#*

When his crys out to
Started loaded forward

The victim the stake

No mercy for the weak ones!

No mercy,
For the human race!

By the grim art of disastrophy
We shall prevail our will

Obey, or you'll die
We shall build again The Order Of The Dragon!

Our suffering empire!

The grim art of disastrivy shall return!

We stand victorius!
Hail son of the son
He will come again, he will come again!

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