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Sarah Geronimo : Twin Hearts Feat. Devotion lyrics

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Sarah Geronimo lyrics : "Twin Hearts Feat. Devotion"

Tulad ng mga bituin at langit
(Our love will stand the test of time)
Kailan man tayo'y 'di maghihiwalay

(I will stay here right by your side)
Pagkat tayong dalawa
(You will always be in my arms all my life)

Twin hearts we will never be apart
I will love you for the rest of my life

Twin hearts just like the heavens and the stars
We will always be together
Till the end of time

Like lovers dancing an endless dance
For love
(Buong puso ko’y para sa iyo)

Your sweet music fill my heart
With joy
(Aawitin ko ang himig mo)

You will always be my music
(Kahit umabot sa dulo ng mundo)
And forevr be my joy

Chorus 2x

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