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Sarah Geronimo : Reach For The Sky lyrics

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Sarah Geronimo lyrics : "Reach For The Sky"

I have a dream
Something that i wanted to achieve
In my lifetime

And i want to show
The best of me, i know i'll make it true
If i believe that

I can make it happen

No matter what they say
Nobody can stand in my way

Reach for the sky
Dream and aim high

I won't anybody turn my spirit down
Whatever it takes
I'll stand on my faith

I'll never stop until i reach the sky
I know my dreams will happen, i can fly
I'll reach for the sky

I will not give up
Even if i fall i won't give in

To my troubles
I will stand tall
My feet's firmly standin' on the road

I believe that

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

Reach for the sky
No matter what they say

No matter what they do
I'll hold on and make it through

[repeat Chorus]

Reach for the sky

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