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Sarah Geronimo : Love Can't Lie lyrics

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Sarah Geronimo lyrics : "Love Can't Lie"

Still recall the warmth of the night
Try to ease the pain in my heart
And now that your out of my sight

Tears fall from these eyes
Echoes of my voice slowly die fears in every corner of my mind
And even if it's over

Still can't bear with time

How could you go?

How could you say goodbye?
It hurts inside cause by now
Still can't find the reason why love can't lie

Knowing that my life is so unkind
So leave my thoughts and mem'ries behind

But angels brought me to the past
I'm with you at last

*in you i have found my life
You brought me to paradise
Happiness that i can't hide

I feel inside
(repeat chorus)

Chorus....still can't find the reason why it's hard to try with cryin' all the time
My fate is you

And somehow keep myself from lovin' you
Love can't lie

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