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Something's destroying me
But i didn't know
What is really happening to me

But my rotten thoughts show me
An extremely sick person

Something is eating my brain
My brain nerve cells are dying... tortured
Day after day i feel die

News rotten thoughts driving me mad
The illness is more powerful
Than my beaten brain

Agnosia... aphasia... dementia... destroying me

Tortured, eaten from my brain

Tortured, eaten from my brain
I'm able to think but the plaques and stones
Are domaining my brain that is gonna be dying

My behaviour is strange i feel depression
I wish die quickly but the disease progress
Very slow... eaten from inside

I cannot do anything
But i would prefer to die

Instead to live this $%&^$%&^x hell

A secure cerebral death

A secure cerebral death
A secure cerebral death
A secure cerebral death

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