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[email protected]&!, mother$#&@er... you are a son of a (*##$
In the underworld... in the darkness you deal
In secrecy, human organs stained with blood

Gory, putrid, and thirsty... all the human waste

To dismember them, and to trade

Organs by organs, the cycle of the death
Filthy money, blood of servants
Butcher of purulent blood,

Organs deled without scrupulous

I have killed too, in a savage way

Stabbing a lot, i'm a servant of death
I'm haywire, gutted too
Butcher of purulent flesh, appalling them to hack off

A secret slaughter-house, a cold room with corpses
Carving the flesh in pieces, the yellowish color

Of the purulent corpses, hanging, trepanning,
Stabbing, grinding, disemboweling

Brains in the floor, eyes in the floor, tongues in boxes,
Lungs stained with blood, brains in the floor,
Eyes in the floor, tongues in boxes,

Lungs stained with blood...
Hearts... guts... kidney... gore
... and all the concerning to the $%&^$%&^x corpse

... and all the concerning to the $%&^$%&^x corpse

To dismember them, in different ways

Organs by organs, we're gonna kill them
Several children, running away
When they look at our knives,

Trying to avoid us in the fog

[lead guitar]

I'm behind a child, he has been ambushed
We are ready, to decapitate him

He is just a child, but will die
Before midnight, it's our best work
[email protected]&! mother$#&@er, i'm here because

I have preferred, to be your servant
In secrecy, killing people like a work
I didn't want to die in your perverse hands

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