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In the night he felt all normal
But afterwards he felt a nasal pain

A piercing pain in all his face
And then he saw as of his nose
He expelled a flux of stinking smell

A nasty phlegm mixed with pus
And then gushed of his nasal graves
A legacy of death... nasal decay... nasal!

Now the germs are reproducing,
Making the pain more than $#&@ed

Now the germs are reproducing,
Making the pain more than $#&@ed
Your facial cavities are full

Ready to unload all the pus

Desesperated with his rotten face, ignoring the medical help,

Prostrated in a bed... nasal decay!
Suffering in his pus, bathed in his own pus,
The flux is brutal and plentiful... nasal decay!

There is not way to stop the flux, it's breaking his skin,
His face is being devoured... this is the end!

His meat is diluted... in a lot of pus... totally disfigured
All the germs... are expanded... abrupt ally expanded
In all the city... an intense death... he is gonna have

... nasally decay...

Pus in his skin... a viscous fluid... brutal disfigurement... nasal decay

Slovenly... this $%&^x you!
Domain on you... i wanna see you!

Your putrid flesh to disgorge your face
I'm merciless like your illness
I can see all kind of worms

In your neck crawling in putrescence

Through the walls of your dungeon...

I can hear your screams!
Through the walls of your dungeon...
I can smell your reek!

Reek... reek... reek... reek!

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