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SAPPHIRE BLUE 215 : I Speak Soul lyrics

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SAPPHIRE BLUE 215 lyrics : "I Speak Soul"

Poetry is the Voice of my Soul
Spoken Word
I speak Soul!

I speak soul into the Universe
With each metaphor prose and verse

I think in rhyme
My heart beats to the time

Of a metronome

As I find my home

Wrapped in the arms of word harmonies

I walk R&B

And I breathe The Blues
I daydream in colorful Sonnet's and Haiku's

With each and every thought of my Muse

I see musical notes

Though my third eye
And I flow Jazz when I write

Musical Poetry
Laced tracks of word play

Is the blood that flows though me

These words

These words Give me [email protected]($ic symphonies

Lines stroking my spine

Filling me to the brim
Until I spill & overflow with them

Constant countless flows
Screams of words unknown

Making them up as I go

Riding waves of creativity
OH DAMN what these words
Do toMe!

I speak Soul
When I speak Poetr

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