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SANTIGOLD lyrics : "The Riot's Gone"

I've been lookin for a fight
All the trouble that I know

Tryin to lose the world inside
But it's got no place to go
Oh I'm only dangerous

at the whim of my command
I've been searchin for an angle
for a cause I can't defend

Oh take me ho-oooooome

Let me go all day, just be there 'til I know
'til I know that
The riot's gone, the riot's gone away

I've been haunted all my life

On the brink of something close
People know that I really write
Know I'm grapplin with a ghost

Oh I'm only dangerous
And I'm deafened by the fray
Waitin for the day I'm able

And I said it all this way


Take me home, take me home, take me home home home

I wanna make up, now, for all the things that are out of my control
Get it out, get it out, get it go go go
So, one day we'll make up, so while we make up...


Hey~! I heard it for a moment now
Hey~! I hear it comin at me, quiet

Hey~! I heard it for a moment now
The riot's gone, the riot's gone

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