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SANTIGOLD lyrics : "Pirate In The Water"

Chorus: repeat 2X]
While you're burnin away, the thing's goin down
You've got to move, you've got to move (yeah, ow)

There's a pirate in the water

There's a price to pay tonight (yeah)
On the dock, the sea looks smooth
But it's tainted in the light (yeah)

Fear not the holes you're sinkin into
Don't let 'em take you like the buccaneers do
Be on the look, we tryin to get through

You're fumigated if you kill 'em all too


Tryin to make it to the harbor

Racin time against the light
Tellin me, you've got much to lose
'til you're ruthless with you're life

Come in the dark and pillage right through
Don't let 'em take you like the buccaneers do
Right through the heart, they'll tear you in two

Then ride the vessel that they turn you into


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