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SANTIGOLD lyrics : "Look At These Hoes"

[Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X]
Look at these flows, look at these clothes
Look at this dough, look at this gold lookin evil

Look at me, then look at these hoes
These (*##$es ain't $#&@in with me, killer

[Interlude 1: repeat 2X]
Ha ha ha ha ha, killer
Ha ha ha ha, killer, killer

My money on it we not gon'

Not gon' need to set it
Bar don't need to come down
Let it ride they'll go, they're far below

Mine will lead they can tell I know
I know me they can tell me no
If you got heart let it beat

And while they sinking don't let your thing go

[Interlude 2: repeat 4X]

Tear it up, I'm so damn gold

[Chorus] + [Interlude 1]

Follow me, don't it seem

Like we likely run into a wall
Hoes just tried to come 'round
In the dark I glow, that's my motto

I got class I can tell they don't
Built to last, I can tell they won't
For the most part in a tailspin

Just pretendin like they grabbin on

[Interlude 2] + [Chorus]

[repeat 4X]
I'm so damn gold, oh!

[Chorus] + [Interlude 1]

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