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Sandblaster lyrics : "Blast you away"

I know where I wanna go
And it sure ain't with the flow
You will see what I'm tryin' to say

I'm gonna blast you away

Don't you know that I'm coming near
Don't you know that you should fear
You will see that one good day

I'm gonna blast you away

Much too young to understand
Why the world's getting outta hand
But I learned how to find my way

I'm gonna blast you away

What I need cannot be found
in the air or on the ground

This is where I cannot stay

I'm gonna blast you away

Middle Part :

gotta see me, hear me,
feel me, I just wanna be,

I just gotta be ME
stand up, be brave
Listen, my slave

Help ME, love ME
Do ME, fight ME,
Sue ME, cuz I just wanna be

Loved by everybody
Love your mother
And your brother

Let me love me,
Heads up, fly high
Freedom, stardom

Shackles, chains,
Softly, natural
See what I got,

Just a small dot
On the planet
Sacfrice, roll the dice

Don't look back, we attack
Organize, theorize
You're the victim, it's at random,

I believe what I believe

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