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SAMUEL L. JACKSON : Go The Fuck To Sleep lyrics

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SAMUEL L. JACKSON lyrics : "Go The Fuck To Sleep"

The cats nestle close to their kittens now.
The lambs have laid down with the sheep.
You're cozy and warm in your bed, my dear.

Please go the $#&@ to sleep

The windows are dark in the town, child.

The whales huddle down in the deep.
I'll read you one very last book if you swear
You'll go the $#&@ to sleep.

The eagles who soar through the sky are at rest
And the creatures who crawl, run, and creep.

I know you're not thirsty. That's bull%#@!. Stop lying.
Lie the $#&@ down, my darling, and sleep.

The wind whispers soft through the grass, hon.
The field mice, they make not a peep.
It's been thirty-eight minutes already.

Jesus Christ, what the $#&@? Go to sleep.

All the kids from day care are in dreamland.

The froggie has made his last leap.
Hell no, you can't go to the bathroom.
You know where you can go? The $#&@ to sleep.

The owls fly forth from the treetops.
Through the air, they soar and they sweep.

A hot crimson rage fills my heart, love.
For real, shut the $#&@ up and sleep.

The cubs and the lions are snoring,
Wrapped in a big snuggly heap.
How is it you can do all this other great %#@!

But you can't lie the $#&@ down and sleep?

The seeds slumber beneath the earth now

And the crops that the farmers will reap.
No more questions. This interview's over.
I've got two words for you, kid: $#&@ing sleep.

The tiger reclines in the simmering jungle.
The sparrow has silenced her cheep.

$#&@ your stuffed bear, I'm not getting you %#@!.
Close your eyes. Cut the crap. Sleep.

The flowers doze low in the meadows
And high on the mountains so steep.
My life is a failure, I'm a %#@!ty-ass parent.

Stop $#&@ing with me, please, and sleep.

The giant pangolins of Madagascar are snoozing.

As I lie here and openly weep.
Sure, fine, whatever, I'll bring you some milk.
Who the $#&@ cares? You're not gonna sleep.

This room is all I can remember.
The furniture crappy and cheap.

You win. You escape. You run down the hall.
As I nod the $#&@ off, and sleep.

Bleary and dazed I awaken
To find your eyes shut, so I keep
My fingers crossed tight as I tiptoe away

And pray that you're $#&@ing asleep.

We're finally watching our movie.

Popcorn's in the microwave. Beep.
Oh %#@!. [email protected]%& it. You've gotta be kidding.
Come on, go the $#&@ back to sleep.

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