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SAMUEL KNIGHT lyrics : "Look To Me"

Verse 1:
When I look in your eyes
I see the pain that you carry

Following a trail of lies
That leaves you staring
In the moments

When you've got nothing left to lose
Won't dare show it
Cuz your heart can't afford to move

Follow me

I promise I'll take the pain
Come and see
What my love can do to save your heart

You are swimming in an ocean of tears
Filled with sorrow
Insecurities controlling your fears

Leaving you hallow
Look to me

Verse 2:
Only time will tell
Until you find perfect romance

Try to tell yourself
It's fine
While settling for $$#urance

Take it to your grave
Bury everything you have
No time save your heart

Throw it all away
Look to me and you will find a start
A start

So raise your head up high

Pull your heart off of the ground
You'll never know if you don't try
With me you're safe and sound

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