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SAMMY ARRIAGA lyrics : "Friday Night Without You"

Verse 1:
Sun sets, phone rings,
Said I'm sorry boys I'm stayin' in,

I Tip back, one more,
Cryin', standin', starin' at the door,

Oh friday night just aint friday night...

Without you,
Theres nothin' I can do,

Like us walkin' hand-in hand just glowin' with the moonlight,
Girl it just ain't right,
Without you,

Nothin' feels the same, Only got myself to blame,
Instead of goin' out, girl I'm goin' under,
Yeh I could paint this town,

Oh but Friday night just ain't friday night without you...

Verse 2:

Worked hard, all week,
Try to stay awake so I dont dream,
Its like thin air, I try to reach for you but you're not there,

Oh Friday night just aint friday night...



(Half Hook)

Tag: Any night without you...


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