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SAMI DOUBA : Love lyrics

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SAMI DOUBA lyrics : "Love"

Just lie
On me
I want to hear you breathe

Let me
Feel your

Why don't you show me?


Show me how to love
I've never been in love
But I want to fall in love

Tell me your deepest secrets
Won't you let me in, let me in, let me in?

Our love is seamless
Where do I end?
And where do you begin?


It's somewhere I've never been, but
With you it don't feel like a sin, oh
You're so very warm

And I'm coming...home


Check this out
First lesson in
Love and I'm trembling

Afraid you might break like you're made out of porcelain
Don't know where to put my hands
I'm tense and I'm not in my element

Adrenaline rush
Making me blush
Feeling butterflies like a high school crush

Last day of class
Did I pass this test?
Gonna give it to the limit like calculus


Show me how to love
I've never been in love
But I'm gonna fall desperately and hopelessly in love with you

'Cause baby, you know
Baby, don't you know that this is overdue?
And it's gonna be

Everything, oh everything I want it to

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