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SAMHAIN : Worms & Birds lyrics

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SAMHAIN lyrics : "Worms & Birds"

Usual life and stupid days
Animal instinct replaced the brains.
Time and floating down as the dirt from the face.

But nobody wishes to change own race.
Born to be worm will never fly.
He's made of soil and there he'll die.

He should build home, he should plant trees
And grow up worms just the same as he is.
Everything's good but the offsprings of worms

Live in the swamp not far from their homes.
Tribe multiplies and the swamp's getting great.
Only one step will give end to your fate.

You bring to the forest water and peace,
They can destroy by the fire all trees,
They can destroy everything in the dust,

You are the stranger who dreams of the past.
So, let the bird fly in the sky
And all the worms in the ground must die.

Rage will be given for them from the birth,
So, let it forever last on the Earth!

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