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SAMHAIN : Cemetary Of Dreams lyrics

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SAMHAIN lyrics : "Cemetary Of Dreams"

I'm looking at flowers through the fancies of graves.
In the Cemetery of Dream Sun of morning has raised.
It's the same just to me if I'm dead or alive,

'cause you've gone and the spring forever has died.
Joy of days that we spent just together with you
Gives me great hellish flames and there's nothing to do.

Waterfall of my madness gives me no way to breath
And my heart in the cage is unable to live.
I'm screaming but none can hear my scream.

In the soil the part of my body will dream.
Only one step remains for me on my way.
Blood will splash on the grass and the sins will be paid.

In the Cemetery of Dream day is lightened by Sun.
Nobody is waiting everybody has gone.
Two dead corpses are lying under ground of grave

And two souls of humans in the haven are safe...
The Cemetery of my Dreams' getting drowned in flowers.
The Cemetery of my Dreams' flying high in the clouds.

Here you fatal dreams will come true.
Here we'll always stay - me and you.

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