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Samantha Harvey lyrics : "Strong"

First verse: (Faceless Firm)
Yeah I'ma do this for Mum, Nin, Troy and Dad
I'll do this for Paul, even Jade Jake and Nan

I'll do this so the world can see I'm not weak
I'll do it for everyone who looks up to me
I'll do it for those people who say they love my music

And deep down they thinking I can do this
And I'll do it for you if you love me
See I've seen the world and it's too ugly

I feel I've missed out, I want my childhood back
I wanna go back to playing on Mortal Kombat
Back to the naughty step, to think about what I do

I wanna go back to avoiding the wooden spoon
See when you're young there ain't a lot to worry about
No harm would hit me, see I had my mum about

We used to argue yeah, scream and shout
And I'm sorry, but I want my mum now

Chorus: (Samantha Harvey)
If I gotta fall to my knees, then let it be
I'll take the downs for the ups, cus that is me

I am strong, I will not lose
I am strong, I take after you

If I gotta fall to my knees, then let it be
I'll take the downs for the ups,
Cus that is me, I am strong, I will not lose

I am strong...

Verse Two: (Faceless Firm)

See what you don't understand Is I hide my emotions
By playing round, acting up, and always joking
But underneath this shell I am scared, I'll admit It

It's like the only way to put how I feel is in a lyric
And the only way to live your life is with some money
If you don't got that then it's hard when your hungry

And you need help but the government won't give it
But they'll give a million immigrants new homes to live in
This %#@! is sickening, but I've had a vision

Where I live in a big house with all that I've been wishing
For, with money, friends and more
And mum rolls around in her new 4 by 4

And people recognise me as that talented kid
The one that never gave up, when they were baggin his %#@!
Ever since I grabbed the saddle of this

I knew I was man enough to handle my %#@!

Chorus *1: (Samantha Harvey)

Verse 3: (Samantha Harvey)
I look out of my window

I see no sun shining in though
It's a struggle that you gotta keep holding on
You can have everything and the next it's gone

Always appreciate what you've got
Coz people nowa days have forgot
Uuuuhum I'm so sexy, no matter where I stare

Know I'll always be there
Coz you are strong
And I am strong

And we are strong ooohoo

Chorus *1: (Samantha Harvey)

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