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SAM WEBER : Right-Hearted lyrics

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SAM WEBER lyrics : "Right-Hearted"

I've been thinking
I miss Canada
I've been drinking

All alone now
I've got sore feet
I've been running from town to town

I've got some needs
I won't be keeping around

Sometimes I don't know which way to turn
Everyone keeps telling me I've got so much to learn
Sometimes I'll believe I'm in my place

It's hard enough just breathing here in gravity's embrace

I am so right heart

Feeling along the walls in cold, cold place
Carry on my darling
I'll catch up down the line when I can finally tow my weight for you

There are some things
That I can't promise are true

It ain't surprising
When they aren't honest with you
People lying

They can't hurt us anymore
Or leave you crying
They'll just desert us anyway

For you

For every single one that told us what we couldn't do, for me
For every Springsteen song that made us feel like we were free
For me

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