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SAM TAN lyrics : "Y-O-U"

everydays like "i cant take it"
another days like "ill break the habit"

but u wont stop running thru my mind likee
oooh oooh

i contemplated
yea i debated
if i was going crazy maybe i need saving

negotiated, yet all i think about is
youuuuu ooooooo

who do you think you are?
running round leaving scars?

i think i hate cha

think i love ya
think im so confused
im feeling stupid

feeling crazy
feel like ive been used
but i keep coming back

im running right back to you
i push and pull but baby
only you,

only you will do!
must it be you?

O- U will do

Verse 2:
sometimes i need ya
but then ill leave ya

i cant decide make up my mind its going too far
i need release, oh baby please, come give me space away from youuuu

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