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SAM MITCHINSON : Manufactured Rainforest lyrics

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SAM MITCHINSON lyrics : "Manufactured Rainforest"

Verse 1.

The worst thing is

I know,
If you wanted me back
I wouldn't say no.

I sweat love for you
Benieth my skin,
Manufactured rainforests

Made from tin.
My mum once said
Never say hate,

Because the angels cry
At heaven's gate.
Death is the only thing

Life can guarrantee,
Does not sound at all
Cynical to me.

Verse 2.

I might well be
Made from stars,
But my heart

Still scars.
You need to wake up
From your dreams,

But remember that oceans
Are made from streams.
All I really want

Is to find the truth,
It feels like
A pulled tooth.

How do you think
It feels,
When the pain

Never heals.


Good night sleep tight
Don't let me wake up

Because this pain has to stop.
Please, make it stop.

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