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SAM HOOK lyrics : "Outta My Head"

Crazy yeah
Listen to the words you hear your heart

Tell me it's calling my need
If loneliness is only you have ever witnessed
And i think that it's time for a change

Pre Chorus:
If i told you that your future holds plays for you and me

Would you keep up being lonely
Take my word and follow me
Girl i see you when I'm dreaming i think about you every day

Baby let me take your pain away


Girl you know you got me going outta my head
I can't believe it's like this you don't wanna be happy
It's like you rather be me

Baby you got me going out of my head

'cause you just won't listen to the words your heart just said

I know about you pass girl
Please don't take it out of me

.. it's so easy, it's so easy
Promise that your heart and ..

If happiness is all you ever wanted
Then nothing you should give me a chance

[Per Chorus:]

Tell em that you don't be what i feel
And i begun girl
Something ain't no but to place for me

So be deep in love next to me
I promise I'll take care of your heart
You know you got me

Outta my head girl hey yeah


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