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SAINT VITUS lyrics : "The Troll"

I've been down so long, I cannot see
Any way out of me

I live under rocks and under stones
That's where I spend my time alone

People don't know I exist
Their company is never missed
I never see the light of day

Somehow that don't bother me

Nothing ever changes

I gave up trying

Once I stuck my head above ground

I didn't like what was around

Crime, disease and poverty

All of this $$#aulting me

People shove as hard as they can

No one lends a helping hand
You could drop dead in the street
And they'd just laugh hysterically

Nothing ever changes
I gave up trying

Worlds may come and worlds may go
I'll just stay here down below

Bats and worms are my friends
They'll stick with me until the end

Don't want to be a part of your land
'Cause down here I am my own man

I live and hope eternally
For a world filled with peace

Nothing ever changes
I gave up trying

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