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SAINT VITUS lyrics : "The End Of The End"

Don't tell me about your problems
I don't want to hear
You brought them upon yourself

I don't want to hear
You thought nuclear war was
The right thing to do

Now you 've brought armies of mutants
Upon me and you

You give me excuses that make no sense
I don't want to hear
You know my feelings, you can't understand

I can't make it clear
Take a good look at the world
That you destroyed

This is what we get because you played
With lives, like toys

Once upon a time, when everything was green
The Earth was pure and happy and everything was clean
Then along came man, he trashed and spoiled it all

And now he wonders why, why is he going to fall

Now you 're sorry, now you 're crying

I don't want to hear
Ask for salvation, nobody listens
They don't want to hear

You have started the end of the end
You 've done your bit
The rest of us are leaving now

You live with it

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