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SAINT VITUS lyrics : "Saint Vitus"

Saint Vitus was a young lad
No one knows how old
'till the kingdom took his life

for the things he told
The world is full of wickedness
So Vitus says

"If you believe in god above,
you will all be saved"
Lust can breed corruption

So wash it from your life
Don't believe in the government
Let your soul decide

And so the king grew angry
He saw his end in sight.
Young Vitus must be stopped

The little child must die

Saint Vitus â?? hear his distant scream

Saint Vitus â?? died for his belief

So if you're breeding wickedness

Keep this in mind
Vitus' soul is watching you
Through the veils of time

Well, people always stay the game
They never seem to learn
'till they all have lost their faith

and their souls have burned

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