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SAINT VITUS lyrics : "Get Away"

Wipe your bloodshot eyes
The day is new
Time to face your pain

Your life is everything
But reality
Just yourself to blame

As you start to crawl
Through the paces
Shed another tear

Scream and moan about
How it should have been
And why are you here?

Take a good look
In the mirror
And tell me what you see

Reflections of your past
The way it should have stayed
You let it get away

When you were
Very young
The future seemed so clear

But as you leave
Your childhood
Clouds begin to appear

So now you're growing tired
And pain lives in your head
You've done too many things

That only leave regrets
You're sitting
All alone

No friends to your name
They all left
Years ago

They couldn't take the strain
Your life's been
Totally wasted

Your dreams are torn apart
You could have
Had the good life

But now you'll just depart
Yo let it get away

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