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SAILING BEFORE THE WIND lyrics : "Stargazer"

Destruction finished it's duty and men greeted their new beginning.
The star which shines too emptily always looked large to those above.
Can this light be seen?

We have always overcome distress and wonder.
What was lost is large.
(However, we have) merely moved forward, without missing our target.

The song of sirens (was never) translated.
Bury the people of the sea.

Don't shed tears, comrade.
we reached our destination

It is a great achievement that nobody has accomplished.
If you have not noticed, I will be at the marine bottom now.
Today seems destined to believe a god.

It was unprecedented that your face was filled with smiles thus far.

This is the time to sing.
This is the time to shout.
This was our victory.

and this light will never fade away.

This dazzling light behind will never fade away

Don't forget the days we fought.
And continue moving forward hereout

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