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SAIDU lyrics : "Mood Swings"

Verse 1:
You know I love you a lot
I just want it to stop

Whenever we argue, it just seems like the pot's
Calling the kettle real black
I just need me a cot

I could sleep on the side of the bed and swallow my pride
You was telling me you love me
Now you want me to die?

Pssh...Shaking my head
I don't want you to try
Something that you'll be regretting for the rest of your life

It was yesterday you told me that you would be my wife
We was wrestling
You noticed it's a thing that I like

Took out the board games and you played me in Life
Remember when I used to say you're my dream girl

Uh Huh...That was yesterday, right?
It's a new day
Today, you wanna have you a mood swing

And you know you're a Queen
Now you're tryna have a new kingdom
Listening to Joseph Prince like I'm a true Demon

One minute it's "Oh, how I love you, babe"

Next minute it's "Who died and made you king?"
Yup, this is how we all do things
Oh, how I love mood swings

Yea, yea

Verse 2:

Now I'm a Demon
And a Demon's who I'm normally
A deal made with the Devil

Represents my new conformity
I'm pouring my emotions out
But you think that I'm frauding you

But this ain't Freaky Friday, though
And Lindsey isn't all in you
You ain't employing me

I know I ain't employing you
I see you try to body me
But I don't got the fortitude

To get up in your face
So I wait until you call a truce
Call a Truce then you change your motions like an audible

You're the one I forfeit to
No one else, remember that
I'm the best you ever had

And I put my all in you
And you put your all in me
Do not let an argument shatter what we have between us

Whatever you call the thing
When I sit and reminisce,
We are very fortunate

To have each other by our sides
Or simply just a call away
Fighting is like night and day

I'd rather have all the day
I done seen to many like us that have simply gone astray


Verse 3:

The Days we kiss
I believe we're the happiest ever
Then the kisses end and now it seems you're the blackest of kettles

And I'm a pot
There's no need to be passive aggressive
Even when you scream

I don't need to be matching your level
Soon enough it ends then we're back to being friends, saying:
"I'm sorry this happened, it won't happen again"

Even though you're like a cannibal, we're making amends
I'm your baby
And I just see you as a passionate friend
So if you're lashing
I'll just have to put my hand on my face

Let you hit it a couple times
Before you make me a plate of that good stuff
You know I look up
The end of the tunnel's probably more hippy than Woodstock
I'm loving you girl

Deep down, yo
I know that I'm the king of your world
So king and queen intervene in a wonderful world of loving
So, even though you push my buttons sometimes
When it all boils down,

I just want you around, Honey

Hook x 2

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