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SAIDU lyrics : "Clique Remix"

I got a hypothesis that I'll rock every single beat
Because I have that stamina
To handle all parameters

See, I'm the man who damages Kanye beats
Time and time again
I damage 'em so much I might as well be getting signed to him

Take the other remix; put my verses side to side with 'em
And it won't take a rocket scientist to know I'm hotter
Man, I'm sorry; I'm sorry

I'm really, really sorry
But I had to kill this beat
I didn't like the verses on it

Even Sean said he could've went harder up on that beat
I read HiphopDX so much
I might as well be writing for them

Man, I went to Cornell
I didn't graduate from Fordham
But I'm headed to the Bronx so that I can go record

Without a clique
But now I'm getting one
Cuz they know I'm the bomb

I'm tryna blow like the Atom
And then kill you with my charm
Cuz I'm a gem

And anyone who digs up this treasure
Will find themselves with an artist
who can do everything well

but working than ever
to go and better himself
See, I been grinding all the time

And I deserve all the credit I get
Did I mention I'm switching up rhyming
Whenever I feel that I should switch it up

So I'm never irrelevant


And I'm sick, sick
I'm about to get a clique
Man I do this off the rip

I'm about to get a clique

Verse 2:

Now you're recognizing that my rhyming's at a higher level
But you got some guys that try to look at me like I'm the devil
I acknowledge Ivy Leaguers usually adventure

Into paradises alternate to where I'm tryna get to
Once I hear an instrumental, though
I step into a mecca

So flooded by competition
They recommend me let it go
But I just made a record so essentially I'm yelling "NO"

And I just keep on writing, recording and using metronomes
The passion that I have for hip hop's
Really off the Richter Scale

And if you think I'm lying
I advise you play "The Essence" once
And you'll be a believer, that's the truth

I become a mass murderer when I enter the booth

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