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SAHIR lyrics : "Kabhi Kabhi"

It wanders, it wanders, my heart...

If I could live in the shadows of your curls

My life might be one long joy
And this darkness closing in on me
Would melt from the radiance of your eyes

No surprise if I forgot all the grief
While I surrendered to the brightness of your beauty?

Your skin so soft, your dreamy eyes?half closed?
I could remain swirled in that fantasy

And when bitterness seeks me out
I'd only have to sip the sweet nectar of your lips
Or when life screams in my disheveled thoughts

I could stay in the safe shadow of your tresses

But that can't be?you're gone

The absence of you is gone and even the longing
Now my life has come to the point
Where I no longer yearn for that shoulder to lean on

I embrace the world's sorrows
Walking down nameless streets

Terrifying shadows come closer
From the realms of life and death

Now I have no road, no destination, or beacon
I wander empty, alone
I may be lost here forever

I know this, my love, but still

It wanders, it wanders, my heart

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