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SADISTIK lyrics : "Death Warrant"

Feat. Sticky Fingaz & Tech N9ne

!#)#, there the light when I'm alone

Reaching ultraviolet lights to kill the spiders in my skull
I'm a reckless recluse hiding in my home
And buy someone a lighter, doing spirals when I roam

With the buffalo, puff a smoke, get stabbed, my time
BUFFALO SOLDIER, red like rasta
I'm with the soldiers, get some, grab that

Don't believe in karms, head shot, rrap rrap
Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
Well, there's three left in the chamber with the gun against the head

RUSSIAN ROULETTE, one of 'em is left
Wondering was it something I said
These mother$#&@ers run for cover when I hung my number

Something other, mother, thunder, hunger for the blood of others
Hunting, hunter, ex junky, huffing, puffing under stress
I got a slug with nothing but a stutter test

To me tiny and stands beneath this giant's feet
RIVAL ME and get the iron for irony
I breathe, I am me, I get told if I get freeze

From the mountain man it's like a magus when this might gonna seize
Idling, they talk %#@!, no wi-fi, $#&@ the best
But their fingers stick to text nine times out of ten

Yeah, watch the tide by fountain pen
A pound of flesh and it better not be counterfeit

You think you can take me? Well, come my way
I'm a sick, twisted $#&@, I lead too many
So if you got a weak stomach then you better forget it

I'M A SHARK, I spit blood, it's too late to forfeit it
Dead young !@$@s is what I do for a living
And I'mma leave a scar so you never forget it

Paint dripping out of windows, we'll be robbing you triggers
Run if by me, you won't be able to walk to the clinic
I'M A PATHOLOGIST, doctor working here

!@^%, I promised to hip out a scorpion
I turn all y'all kids into office then
Raise them as my own %#@!, there's better off for them

I know I'm going to a place that's too hot for me
'Cause I'm a fallen angel, something in me guts to sink
Ain't no way in hell I'm not top of the ten

If I'm not number one it must be circling then
You dead in my sights, it's over once I zero in
Dead in the rice for trying to be a hero again

Come and sign your death warrant, !@$@, you gonna pay
Put your best foot forward, take on a chance
'Cause whenever I'm on track pain ain't effective

Punch line, stitch your head, your brain gets shifted
I'M VICIOUS, now you screaming abort the mission
Relentless, I'd like to see you hurt, that's Sadistik

I got Bieber, free a lot of boobie
Die above a shaolin, hooby had a lot of man

Whoever think different in la-la land
A la creme, scalar and a lot of cut inside I'm nothing but a bear
Strange physics, MY GAME RUTHLESS

We bang you if flames stupid, it's such a thing, true is the pain
You get jumped, brain circuits, my aim's lucid
My name to shoot this thing, hang lucid, we flame crew

It's no damn glitter
Sick with Sticky and Sadistik, suddenly something shifting
Civil suckers submissive, see, essence surely substitutes systems

Chakra dispersions, cycles grip this, scripted, syphilis
You hatters gonna ride on my dick but your momma there
She like to play in my goatee, Osama hair

So now go and get your llama pair and shoot me
I'LL DIE 'cause my insurance was $#&@ed up by Obama Care

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